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Public Relations Writing for the Web

Public relations has always been about forming relationships with target audiences to pave the way for marketers to implement their more aggressive strategies. Largely because of the advent of social media, today’s public relations has traded in its back seat position to lead the way with its own set of hard-hitting strategies. This has elevated the importance of public relations and the public relations writer.

Realities of SEO

The web has changed the world of writing.

No longer is it good enough to be eloquent and powerful. When writing for business, strategic choices are now guided by new criteria. In addition to sounding right and saying exactly what you mean to say, today’s business writing also needs to communicate to search engines. Integrating keywords and propagating links are among necessary professional techniques for optimizing search engine response.

At the end of the day, the web has made it more important than ever to seek the services of a professional public relations writer.

A word that sits on a page unread is still a word. It just doesn’t accomplish much.

Make sure that your words are read by your target audiences by seeking the help of a professional writer when implementing these public relations strategies:

News Releases

The challenge of developing effective news releases has always been to catch the eyes of editors with authentic news stories. With the power shift that has given unknown individuals the capability to “publish” stories, the challenge has changed. It’s a world where some guy sitting in his basement in Toledo, Ohio, can publish to more of your target audience than any traditional editor. The challenge is to find the guy and get his attention. The only way to accomplish the first step is by catching the eyes of search engines seeking specific keywords. This new two-fold challenge has made it even more important to use news releases that have been carefully crafted by a professional writer. Click the button below to learn more.

News Releases

Social Media

Facebook business pages, also known as fanpages, will serve as the centerpiece of your social media platform. We will also develop LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+ identities for you. Together, they can help you develop valuable relationships with your target audiences and drive traffic to your website. Click the button below to learn more.

Social Media

Blogs & Other Things

While social media’s staccato messages are powerful, building your “rep” as a thought leader requires longer, more comprehensive communication. Most business leaders begin by writing a weekly blog.  This can then lead to publishing stories, presentations,  delivering speeches (on video), and more. Click the button below to learn more.


Google Places

Every business needs to claim and develop their Google Places space, which is really a gift that Google is giving to every business in the world. While it is not a complicated process, it is also steadily becoming one of our more popular services. Click the button below to learn more.

Google Places