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Google Places




Google has set aside online space for every business throughout the world in what they believe will be a huge global business directory. Developed in wiki-fashion, each space is claimed and then fleshed out by the business it represents.

Lots of businesses don’t even realize that this resource is available to them.

Sadly, they don’t realize that not claiming their space adversely affects their SEO rankings.

Where do you rank?

Let’s say that you are a beauty salon. Try searching Google Places for hair stylists in your city. A list of salons will pop up, each with an inverted teardrop with a letter of the alphabet inside. Are you among them? If not, go to the next page. Are you there? Keep going until you find your salon and you will then know how you rank in Google Places. If it is not very high, you can be sure that you also do not rise to the top in regular Google searches.

Claiming your spot is easy, and Google will send you an identification number to officially register your Place. Then, you can add photographs, videos, coupons, advertising, and lots of other helpful information about your business to engage visitors.

We offer this as a service and can develop and maintain your Google Places.

If you are already a client who has participated in your Signature Session, we are prepared to get your Google Places up and running. For the sake of your SEO rankings, this is important. We have promoted these services under the name Glomo, emphasizing how Google Places are global, mobile resources (each Place is structured to appear appropriately on mobile phones).